Parasite and Fungal infections are both profoundly serious and quite common today. My studies indicate that approximately 90% of the world’s population suffer from both a fungal and a parasitical infection. You see, fungus can release mycotoxins into the body of the host, which in turn may down-regulate the bodies immune function, opening the doors wide open for parasite infections.

Parasite infections can increase physiological load (stress) and inflammation and cause their hosts to crave sweets making it much more difficult for individuals with parasite infections to heal from fungal infections. You may call this a self-sustaining loop i.e. fungal infections can facilitate parasite infections and parasite infections can facilitate fungal infections. It is a dangerous loop that could in fact run indefinitely and lead to a wide range of symptoms (fatigue, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, blood sugar problems, pancreatic failure, obesity, malnutrition, extreme weight loss, glandular and organ failure, even parasites in the brain and eyes). You might be shocked at what comes out of you during the removal process!

Even clients who have thought they were living healthy lifestyles before have been amazed by the difference in their dietary needs, energy levels, exercise recovery, joint and muscle health, skin quality and much more when removing fungal and parasitical stress from their bodies.

Keys here are not necessarily what drugs and herbs to take but what diet and lifestyle factors to focus on first and foremost. Having had seen patients repeatedly that have been through the drug administration process round after round only to see fungal and parasitical problems return within 2-3 weeks. In each case the individuals were missing all of the essentials needed in diet and lifestyle to give the body the rest and resources it needed to generate enough energy and immune support to defend itself against creatures that are as old as nature.

Over the last 10 years I have developed a comprehensive, easy to follow and effective way to teach people how to balance their bodies and lifestyles to support adequate immune function and deal with what is prevalent everywhere in nature, getting back in touch with natural living practices.