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Meal Prep vs Eating Out

For the sake of keeping this simple, I am using fast food restaurants as the only comparison. The purpose of this is, while there are other comparisons fast food has for the longest gotten its claim to fame for its convenience and moderate to low prices. In a previous article we debunked the low pricing and now we will debunk the “fast” in fast food.

I live right on the outskirts of downtown, meaning I am closer than the average to a fast food restaurant.

Let’s get some data out of the way:

Nearest Fast food Restaurant: Taco Bell

Drive time distance: 8(min) (there and back)

Average drive thru time: 4.5(min)

Average amount of time per visit: 20.5(min)

Average amount of time per day: 61.5(min)

Average amount of time per week: 7.12(hours)

Average amount of time per year: 370.24(hours) or 15.43(days)

(the above numbers are expressed using a 3 meal per day, 7 days a week example)

Segway into Meal Prepping:

Meal prepping 50 meals, with 30 homemade healthy snacks amounting to 80 total prepped items for the week takes me personally no more than 3 hours. That’s with a “cleaner than when you started” kitchen after the prepping is complete. It is also staying within a low budget as talked about in a previous post.

Time Saved:

Per Day- 35.31 (min)

Per Week- 4.12 (hours)

Per Year- 214.24 (hours) or 8.93 (days)

Now I know, I know, I know some people only stop in for fast food while they are out driving, some don’t go 3 days a week and some use Favor or another delivery service etc.… And it may be possible to beat the time aspect if you remain cognizant of it. I have seen people spend more money to beat the clock and I have seen people spend more money and still not beat the clock. At the end of the day, data shows the way to get the best of all worlds, Time, Convenience, Finance, Health, Wellness while this list can go on and, on the answer, remains two simple words “MEAL PREP”.


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