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No Excuses

What has happened has finally become a dream come true.

And the best dreams don’t come from your brain, they come from your heart.

I have realized that many people don’t spend time during the day thinking up ideas. And even when they do, those ideas are like wishes and dreams. Even when most people have them, not many of those people do much about them. 

Do you have ideas about how to make more money and improve your life?

Well I have news for you: Everyone dreams of more money, better health, better relationships and more happiness. But so few ever do what it takes to make those dreams come true. Today, but using my gym as an example, I want to remind you it is the taking action on your ideas that groups you with either the have’s and have not’s.

Now that my gym has gone from dream to reality, I realize it didn’t happen because I had the idea behind it. My gym also didn’t get completed because I had the idea of getting a house and building renovating a section to a gym. And all the amazing ideas behind the gym didn’t happen because I made a “wish list.” All those things about the gym happened because I took the necessary actions on those ideas to bring that gym to life!

The problem is people think dreams are for when you are dead asleep and then never try to live them when they are wide awake.

To be clear, a dream is when you spend your time just thinking about or wishing for something. A reality is when you have acted on a dream long enough until that dream comes true.

Want to know where I believe many of the the greatest books, movies and screenplays are? Would you like to know where to find the greatest inventions and business creations?  Well, those can all be found at the same place, not to mention all the most amazing relationships and adventures right along with them.

Where is this place?  And no, the answer is not on the internet.

Unfortunately, this place is the graveyard. And why do I believe that the cemetery holds so many of these amazing treasures? Because people throughout history have gone to their deaths with those treasures still inside of them. Those people, just like you, had a lot of ideas and dreams. They just never took the actions necessary to make them a reality. And as a result, we will never know the beauty, inspiration or change those treasures could have created.

After hearing that, I know what you are thinking: Why do so many people give up on their dreams? Why would so many people choose to never bring out the greatness inside of them waiting to come out?

 You can’t dream if you are only awake to your past failures and current limitations.

Now the two big questions:

Do you have any big ideas?

Is there a dream you constantly find yourself thinking about?

If your answer to both questions was “yes,” what are the “obstacles” stopping you from making them a reality?  (And don’t forget, only people in cemeteries have no obstacles, so you should be happy for the ones you have!)

Now that I have been asking a lot of the people around me those same two questions, here are some of the reasons I keep hearing:

“I don’t have the talent.”

“I don’t have the time.”

“I don’t have the resources.”

“I don’t have the connections.”

“I don’t have the energy.” 

Do any of those sound familiar?  If so, before you go buying into them, I want to offer my objections to each one of those excuses:

“I don’t have the talent.”

Your ideas don’t not come to life because of a lack of talent. There are tons of talented writers that never put a book together. Whatever it is you want to achieve, you just need to practice and the talent you need will come.

“I don’t have the time.”

You have the time to do whatever you want to achieve. In fact, you have the same amount of time every other superstar has had in history. 24 hours is a long time; you are just spending it on other things that you are making more important.

“I don’t have the resources.”

Whether it is financial or human capital you need, there are ways to get your dreams done. Instead of coming up with the reasons you are missing them, plan out the ways to create those resources in your life.

“I don’t have the connections.”

Your dream isn’t lacking an agent or editor. Everything is so easy today, there really isn’t anything you can’t do on your own. And if you can’t, everyone is reachable within a couple of contacts. Don’t forget they aren’t called “connections” until you first “connect.”

“I don’t have the energy.” 

Whether you feel you are lacking either the mental or physical energy, I challenge you to get moving. Momentum toward anything can’t happen if you aren’t moving first! 

If you didn’t notice the pattern, I will make it easy for you:  every one of my objections listed above had a common denominator:  TAKING ACTION.

The antidote to all of the excuses above is GETTING STARTED

I had a lot of dreams about my little gym for a long time. The only reason it exists now is because I did something about it. I started taking action on my ideas. I had ideas before. The only reason that this gym now exists is that this time I just committed to those ideas and carried out the necessary actions to make them real.

And the great news? You can do the same thing too!

What is something you have been dreaming about?

What is one small way you can get started?

Take that small action. Yes, there may be a few setbacks. Every action isn’t going to lead to immediate success. But the more little failures you have, you will get better at getting back up and see your dream become a reality.

I couldn’t be more proud of my gym. And I am not just proud of the ideas that are put in the gym, but the fact that I finally got started on the idea of creating the gym in the first place!

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