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OC Wellness is a holistic nutrition practice dedicated to improving your health from the inside out. By understanding your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, and environment, our team creates a personalized wellness plan that restores harmony within your body and boosts your overall health.


Our dedicated nutritionists, health coaches, and behavioral specialists employ a one-on-one coaching
and food-as-medicine methodology to engage, educate, and inspire you on your journey towards the
pinnacle of health. We offer bespoke programs designed to address your specific concerns including but
not limited to:

• Overall Wellness
• Adrenal Fatigue
• Anti-Inflammatory Assistance
• Chronic Disease Prevention
• Detoxification & Weight Management
• Energy and Fatigue
• Fertility and Reproductive Wellness
• Food Allergies and Sensitivities

• Gut Health and Digestive Issues
• Hormonal Health
• Mental Wellness
• Metabolic Nutrition and Management
• Nutrition and Genetics
• Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
• Thyroid Health and Conditions
• And more!

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actionable, evidence-based services

OC Wellness offers actionable, evidence-based services to support you in achieving your personal health goals. Our tailored coaching services are designed to delve into the root causes of various conditions and restore balance in your body. Our personalized nutrition coaching uses a unique approach to boost your health and well-being through tailored advice and support. By evaluating your nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, stress, and more, we provide clarity and understanding of your chronic condition(s) while unveiling the underlying imbalances within your body.

Our one-on-one coaching services include:
• A detailed review and analysis of your health & nutritional history
• Interactive discussions about dietary and lifestyle factors affecting your health
• Development of a bespoke plan to address the root cause(s) of the imbalance
• Targeted supplementation and testing for further insights, if necessary.

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OC Wellness aims to guide you towards balanced well-being where your mental, emotional, and physical
health harmoniously coexist, resulting in a fulfilling and balanced life. We bring together psychology,
behavioral science, and tailored guidance to understand and address how various factors influence your
overall health. Together, we formulate strategies and action plans to adapt to lifestyle changes, manage
symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and aid you in nurturing a stronger sense of self-
awareness. We acknowledge that wellness is a holistic experience, and we support you in facilitating
lasting change in your thought patterns, habits, relationships, and overall life satisfaction.

“Fearless at Forty Plus: Confidently Navigating Hormonal Changes” Tired of feeling as though your body
is changing and you’re left in the dark? Fed up with weight gain and overwhelmed by hot flashes, anxiety, and stress? Say farewell to uncertainty surrounding this phase of life. We simplify it into
manageable segments, helping you comprehend hormonal changes while equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain a healthy weight, enhance your metabolism, increase energy levels, and reduce stress in the long run. Engage with a supportive community that empathizes with
your struggles.

Nutritional Counseling


OC Wellness partners with various organizations fostering a heightened level of nutritional awareness in
both private and public sectors. Our presentations are carefully customized to cater to your specific
needs. Whether you require a brief half-hour talk on a general nutrition and health topic, a series of
interactive one-hour sessions during lunch breaks for your employees, or an extensive collection of top-

tier seminars available to your staff outside of working hours, we have the perfect solution for your
needs. Our pricing is fully customized based on your specific requirements, ensuring unparalleled value
and a seamless fit for your organization.
Reach out to us today to create a transformative journey for your employees.


1. Detailed Health and Nutritional Assessment: We thoroughly analyze your health and nutritional background to understand your unique needs.

2. Customized Treatment Plan: Based on your assessment, we devise a tailored plan designed to address the root cause of your imbalances, providing you with efficient strategies to restore balance and optimize your health.

3. Education and Empowerment: Our experienced nutritionists and health coaches journey with you as your health partners. They empower you with knowledge, accountability, and guidance to keep you on track and navigate any challenges that arise.

4. Supplementation and Functional Testing: If necessary, we discuss the potential benefits of targeted supplementation and functional testing to gain further insights into your health and assist your progress.

5. Collaborative Support: Throughout the process, you receive continuous support, education, and accountability from your coach. We provide you with valuable information, help you navigate food choices, and offer strategies to overcome obstacles. We also monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments to your plan, and offer motivation and encouragement along the way.

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