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Nutritional Meal Savings

There has been this myth floating around for some time that it is more expensive to eat healthy than to eat un-healthy. Now granted there is a difference in cost when comparing grass fed vs non-grass fed, organic vs non-organic etc… Let’s look at three examples before we continue.

  1. Chipotle Burrito Bowl

(Chicken, Black beans, Brown Rice, Pico, lettuce, Guac and cheese) = $6.99

Chicken (2.8lbs) = $5.74

Black Beans (1lb) = $1.43

Brown Rice (2lb) = $1.41

Pico (14oz) = $4.61

Lettuce (1 Head) = $1.32

Guac (16oz) $5.64

Cheese (32oz) $5.45

Total Cost = $25.60

Bowls Created = 14

Cost per Bowl = $1.82

Savings per week = $108.78

Savings per month = $466.20

Savings per year = $5,672.10

2) McDonald’s Large Fry (5.9oz) = $1.89

Russet Potatoes (10lb bag) = $3.58

Olive Oil (17oz) = $4.10

Himalayan Salt (4.23oz) = $2.05

Total Cost = $9.73

Servings Created = 27

Cost per serving = $0.36

Savings per week = $32.13

Savings per month = $137.70

Savings per year = $1,675.35

3) McDonald’s Big Mac = $3.99

Grass Fed beef (2lb) = $11.83

Lettuce (1head) = $1.32

American Cheese slices (16ct) = $3.38

Tomatoes (3 ct) = $0.81

Onions (3ct) = $2.04

Pickles (24oz) = $2.04

Buns (10ct) = $2.43

Mustard (8oz) = $1.42

Ketchup (24oz) = $0.95

Total Costs = $28.69

Burgers Created = 10

Costs per Burger = $2.87

Savings per week = $23.52

Savings per month = $100.80

Savings per year = $1,226.40

(All price comparisons were used between local restaurants and local H-E-B Curbside)

(All Savings are calculated by using a 3 meal per day for one individual comparison)

Observing the numbers, we can see a very apparent cost savings. Take into consideration there are both cheaper purchasing options from the store and more expensive. Also consider that an individual solely purchasing and consuming these listed meals is rare. However, achieving the number of purchased fast food meals is less rare for average to large families. Thirdly take into consideration that the comparisons used are among the cheaper locations to eat out. The comparison shows respectively that eating healthier could amount to considerable savings for those who were to eliminate fast food or eating out as a whole. Instead from a budget friendly perspective it would be recommended based on the information available to purchase groceries from a local grocery store. If the question were to arise regarding convenience it would be important to note that the numbers concerning groceries in the comparison include the added rate increase for curbside pickup. It would also be important to note the weekly time/financial convenience involved in meal prepping.

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