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When you work one-on-one with a Personal Trainer at The OC Wellness, you’ll discover your individualized blueprint for results that last.

The ultimate way to be consistent with your health and fitness is by having a dedicated coach guide you through a personalized training program. They’ll teach you how to exercise safely with great technique and you’ll learn the best ways to train, recover and manage stress.


1:1 Personal Training with us is a progress-oriented transformation journey, which means you’ll get

• Individualized exercise programs
• Updates to your program every 4 weeks
• A dedicated coach for complete support •
• Individualized Nutrition Counseling
• High-level accountability

Feel yourself become more confident, strong, and empowered from every training session.

Step 1: Book your initial consultation

Meet with a coach. We’ll have a brief chat to figure out if we’re the right place for you.

Step 2: Movement Analysis, Nutrition Analysis, Stress Analysis, Sleep Analysis, Lifestyle Analysis

Next we’ll do a deep dive. Assess your movement patterns, nutritional habits, stress factors, sleeping patterns, and overall lifestyle. Not only does this help us to determine and create the best programs for you. It helps us become a better coach and accountability partner for you.

Step 3: Get your training program

We’ll set you up with your exercise program in our App, where you’ll track your training progress, nutrition and lifestyle habits, plus chat with your coach between sessions.

Step 4: Exercise with Confidence

Join your coach for your weekly Personal Training sessions! You’ll get expert guidance to improve your technique, break through plateaus and develop a deeper understanding of your body and health.

Check out our packages

1:1 Personal Training

Sessions are 1 hour in length. Each session includes an initial consultation, app access, homework, nutritional recommendations, take home recipes, lab review (should it apply), medicals review (should it apply), communication with doctors and medical team (should it apply). Let’s Begin!

1 Session

  • Let the Journey Begin!

4 Sessions

  • Let the Journey Begin!

8 Sessions

  • Let the Journey Begin!

12 Sessions

  • Let the Journey Begin!

30 Sessions

  • Let the Journey Begin!

1 Year Sessions

  • 52 Redeemable Sessions!

personal Training


Before you continue…

If you’re looking for a training program that only focuses on how you look at the cost of your well-being – we’re not for you.


You won’t get:

Fatigue-focused training that burns you out

Diets that keep you hungry and under-nourished

Lost in the crowd of a big box gym

      Training with poor technique

Short-term results that sacrifice your health

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Want to find out how 1:1 Personal Training can benefit you?

commit to health and fitness

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.


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