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Starting something new

When was the last time you set out on something new and daring? When was the last time you chose to take on new habits, did the prep work and stepped onto the boat of change? This writing is to remind you not only is it something you can do without permission, but it is also something you should do to invigorate and improve your life.

The following are the 5 lessons I have learned from life’s experiences that led to an easy transition on the boat to something new.

1.  Set A Timeline

Most people are always getting ready to get ready. Even in school I always knew the date and time the bus would be there for the first day. Books needed to be read. Items needed to be purchased. Orientations and emails needed to be attended and created. Without the magic of this date, it would have been easy to have never started. You can give yourself some of this magic whenever you want.

Action Item: Set a timeline and hold yourself to it. Everyone has wishes and dreams. It doesn’t become a goal until that dream has an exact date attached. Be bold and set up your “first day of school.” Why not do it today?

2. Develop A Schedule

Failing to plan really is planning to fail. The greatest people in history had the same 24 hours you do. Make time for the new, not excuses why you can’t.

Action Item: Once you have a timeline date, it is time to create a list of things that need to happen to finish on time. Then when you have a list it is time to plan out how you will find the time to carry it out. Get a calendar. Mark it down.

3. Organize the Butterflies

It is easier to just keep living the way you are currently living. Although it might not be exactly what you want, at least it is “comfortable” right? With new things comes new nervousness.

Action Item: Get started! Time to get comfortable being uncomfortable just long enough so that the new starts to feel “normal.” Butterflies at the start are ok. Just let them know you are in control and to start flapping where you want to go. Just the act of getting started often makes them all disappear.

4. Do the Work

Numbers 1-3 above are the easy part. This step is the one where the rubber meets the road. Once you have the date, plan and started, now the secret is getting the job done. This, unfortunately, is where most give up instead of pounding the stone until something cracks.

Action Item: Chip away. Each day keep going and get something important done toward the goal. With completion there will be a positive rush that will get you fired up for the next day. The secret? Get something done today that will leave you fired up for tomorrow.

5. Enjoy the Ride

Don’t let yourself forget for a second life goes by fast. When you hop on the boat traveling to “new endeavors” it can cause fear, but the ride can also bring excitement and growth. Your choice.

Action Item: Make sure you find the positive fun moments. Take time to remind yourself you are “alive and kicking” toward something great. Smile. Laugh. And make someone else do both too.

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