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What are you missing?

Through the years I have noticed trends in problems some people experience. Now no matter what the problem is it has always boiled down to something “missing” from their lives. I developed a core set of values based off of these “missing” items.


If you don’t know why you are doing what your doing you need to figure it out my friend. I have said this many times, FIGURE OUT YOUR WHY! Not for money, not someone else’s why, but your own. Remain lost in the abyss or figure out your purpose and captain your ship.


Do you know why lion tamers hold chairs up? It’s because the lion is paralyzed trying to focus on all four legs at once. They completely distract the lion from the big piece of meat in front of him. Just like you can get distracted from your purpose.


You have got to work at it, it may take hours, days months or even years but you can not give up. You are putting together a standard for yourself, a set of rules. Your personal discipline, your consistency, your actions, if you can’t lead yourself to greatness you will never be able to lead others.


GET JACKED UP! People will feed off your energy and more importantly you will feed off your energy. What you feed off is what other people will see. So, get psyched, amp up and get in the game!

Self Confidence

Believe in yourself! Speak to yourself and to others with conviction. Bad things can come in twos, I can’t, I won’t, it’s impossible, wake up people have been doing the “impossible” since the beginning of time. The only thing separating you from what you want or what you don’t have is yourself. Believe in you, Believe in your capabilities.

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